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Don't Take Your Foot off the Gas

🖤Day 3 of Black History Month Reflection

“Make history every day, I don’t need a month.” - Kanye West

This also translated to me as “I make history every day just by existing🤷🏾‍♀️.”

This week I got to do something I love to dooo🥰; speak with a new cohort of students taking Interdisciplinary Studies 120- Anti-Racism, Equity, and Social Responsibility at Bloomsburg University.

Having a significant role in the creation of the Black Studies Minor will always be my dearest memory and contribution to Black History right here in Pennsylvania!

Too often we only think of Black history as something that only specific individuals contribute to, when in reality the strides WE make every day as Black and Brown people are impacting individuals and communities in ways we would have never thought possible.

💛Black History is YOU💚

🦶🏾Keep your foot on the gas ⛽️


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