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Outside the Classroom Into the Community

Another AMAZING Outside the Classroom into the Community trip in the 📚

This semester we went back to Simon Gratz High School in Nicetown, Philadelphia. We had the chance to speak with so many students about our college experiences, hoping it would entice them into believing that college is something they can really achieve. 

- We did all day student panels 

- Community Clean-Up

- We wrote letters to elected officials concerning the death of Devin Weedon and gun violence. 

- Simon Gratz Clean-Up

- We visited the William Way 🏳️‍🌈 Community Center

- AND we got to support Black owned Businesses along the way‼️

✨As always, it was simply an extraordinary opportunity and experience for all involved. The work that I get to do alongside Ralph Godbolt is changing lives. It makes me and our students feel like we are changing the world ☝🏾conscious action at a time. 

🫶🏾It’s beautiful, and I am so grateful for the purposeful work we get to do. It’s community over everything 💯.


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