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Swipe Out Hunger

September 2023

I had such an amazing week and I didn't even get to share it with anyone.

1) Thanks to hashtag#SwipeOutHunger, Judy Rostucher’s determination, and the voices of BU students, we were able to get TWO refrigerators in our Basic Need Shoppe, which will provide students, who may be food insecure, with FRESH PRODUCE.💫‼️In the midst of so many things happening, this was a full-circle moment for me and many students. 

2) I traveled to Lock Haven’s campus for the first time, to present to students the very NEW history of Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania’s Black Studies Minor. Doing this work and engaging in this curriculum makes me feel like I am truly living in my purpose. 

We are 7 weeks into this semester and I feel like I have hit the gold mine of job satisfaction😩🥰 

I hope that I can continue to find joy in the intersection of all of my roles 🫶🏾


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